We are Democracy Brewing, a worker-owned brewery and pub committed to making great beers and supporting our community. We opened our doors at 35 Temple Place on July 4th, Independence Day 2018! Our mission is to re-create the traditional public house, brew the best beer in Boston, pair it with tasty food, and serve it to you in combination with two great American ideals: democracy, and owning your own business. 

Democracy Brewing will be a meeting place with the atmosphere and camaraderie of your local neighborhood bar, infused with the democratic spirit of a vibrant community center.  

We believe the dream of owning your own business shouldn’t be attainable to only a few, and the majority of folks who work should be able to enjoy the profit and pride that comes with ownership. We also believe that the democratic ideals countless Americans have struggled for - liberty, justice, equality and accountable leadership - all belong in the workplace. 

The brewery’s interior will celebrate Boston’s rowdy revolutionary history from the 1700s to the present.  The walls will pay homage to Boston’s long fight for freedom, with paintings and photos of the Sons of Liberty, abolitionists, the fighting 54th, Knights of Labor, suffragettes, the police strikers of 1919, contemporary community leaders, and much more.

Democracy Brewing will focus on our tasting room full scratch kitchen and our event space to host community events, organizational fundraisers, film screenings, live music and much more.  The brewery will also offer take-away 32oz crowlers and distribute kegs, so keep an eye out for us at your favorite bar or restaurant!