Democracy Brewing seeks FOH Manager

Are you an experienced food and hospitality professional, hungry for employment somewhere progressive and exciting? 

Are you passionate about craft beer and delicious food, driven, and qualified to lead the FOH team of an exciting new 150 seat brew-pub? 

If answers are yes to both, get in touch with us today and apply for a job with Democracy Brewing, a worker-owned cooperative brewery opening in March 2018 at 29-35 Temple Place in Downtown Crossing.  We are currently seeking a qualified FOH Manager to join us now as a key part of our team, from planning to opening and beyond.

As FOH Manager, you will be assisting us in creating an excellent work environment for all employees, with fair wages and healthy working conditions.  In the near future you’ll be organizing the bar, establishing the FOH systems and standard operating procedures, assisting with budgeting and marketing, developing a employee manual, and helping us at pre-opening events.  You’ll be in charge of interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling, and managing all FOH staff, with a goal of striving for and maintaining low employee turnover and excellent service and hospitality.  We believe in the staff-first, trickle-down model of hospitality: train and treat your staff well, empower them, and they in turn will make guests happy. 

As a worker-owned cooperative business, you will also be working your way to your own ownership share of Democracy Brewing, becoming an equal partner in a democratic workplace.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 6+ years of fulltime Foodservice/Hospitality Industry experience

  • 3+ years of FOH management experience

Extra consideration will also be given to those with experience with worker cooperative businesses, marketing, and events.

Please send your applications to and We are accepting applications for most other FOH and BOH positions which will be staffed closer to opening in 2018.  Thanks!